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Buck Pole Deer Ranch


Your host at Buck Pole, Claude Pollington, is a noted bow hunter and a recognized authority on whitetail deer. Owner of Oneida Eagle Bows and Buck Pole Archery & Deer ranch, Claude's easy-going personality and soft-spoken manner help make your hunt an enjoyable experience. He'll share stories and tips with you. Outdoor Life Magazine called him the "Whitetail Wizard", because of his legendary skill at deer hunting. Stories about Claude have appeared in numerous national and regional hunting publications. Part of what makes Buck Pole Deer Ranch a unique place for your hunting pleasure is Claude Pollington.   


The Buck Pole Deer Ranch offers some of the finest whitetail hunting in Michigan. You will experience a challenging and rewarding hunt at our 1000-acre enclosure. Buck Pole Ranch is located in central Michigan's prime whitetail country, our facility ranges from rolling hardwood forest to brushy lowlands. The whitetail at Buck Pole Deer Ranch have been managed since the early 80's to produce quality animals with massive antlers. There is also fishing available at our many ponds, and small game hunting. Hunts are available from Aug.15th to Jan 1st.

Our bucks have good mass and carry heavy body weights. If an animal, in your class is presented to you and you elect not to shoot but would like to continue hunting for another, your 50% deposit is forfeited.  If Buck Pole Deer Ranch cannot present an animal in your class, there will be a charge of $300.00 per day to cover lodging and guides. Animals wounded and not recovered will be considered harvested.

A reservation of six months prior to the date of your arrival with a fifty (50%) percent deposit of your chosen hunt is required to secure a booking. Balance to be paid by cash, money order, credit card or cashier's check upon completion of hunt. In the event of cancellation, (4 months) one hundred-twenty (120) days written notice prior to scheduled hunt date is required to receive fifty (50%) percent refund of deposit. Confirmation with scheduled date of your hunt will be sent upon receipt of deposit.


Deer Ranch FEATURES:


  • No Hunting License Required.

  • 1000-Acres Enclosed Whitetail Deer Preserve.

  • A Variety of Hunting Terrain.

  • Ground and Tree Blinds in Place.

  • All Blinds are Baited.

  • Hunt from Blinds or Stalk.

  • All hunts are Guided.

  • Archery and Fire Arms Hunts.

  • Ideal for Small Group or Family Hunts.

  • Lodging available.

  • Camp Sites with Electric & Water Available.

  • Wounds are Considered Kills.

  • Processing of Meat & Taxidermy Arranged.

  • Meals Can be Arranged.

The Buck Pole Deer Ranch offers a safe, convenient and well planned Michigan wilderness hunt in which you will enjoy the adventure of hunting trophy bucks.

Hard Woods & Pine Forests
Rolling Hills & Open Forests
Lowlands, Swamps, Swales & Marsh.
Experienced Guides Will Set & Pick Up
Enjoy Fishing Ponds, Bass, Bluegills, Trout
Small Game Hunting: Woodcock, Grouse,
Rabbits & Turkey.
No limit - No licenses, 3D Course, Fishing at all five ponds 
Indoor Archery Shooting Practice Range, 3D Outdoor Range
Hunting Supplies & Equipment C.P. ONEIDA BOWS
Red Dot Sight & System
Technical Support (Bow Equipment)
Hunting Gear & Clothing
Enclosure hunts run from Aug.15th to Jan.1st.