CP Oneida Eagle Bows



With only the best craftsmanship that over 30 years of quality has set apart. The Kestrel is made by hunters for hunters. The Kestrel is made with the best quality money can buy. 

At C.P. Oneida Eagle we take our product very seriously and strive to provide you with the best product possible. The Kestrel shows what advanced engineering and workmanship can build. 

We made the New Kestrel smaller and faster then any other previous adult model in Oneida history. Once you pick up this masterpiece you will understand the difference.  Give yourself the advantage and pick up the new Kestrel, get your wings today!



  • Tip to Tip Length : 41”-44"

  • Available Draw Lenghts : 26” - 31 ”

  • Available Draw Weights : 35/55, 50/70 lbs

  • Mass Weight: 4.20 lbs

  • Let Off: 65% - 80%

  • Available Bow Color(s): Flat Black, Autumn Orange, NexGen-G1 Camo

  • MSRP - $1395.00